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URCS Supports Families Affected by Disasters in Kasese and Bunyangabu

In response to the recent severe floods and landslides in the Rwenzori region, the Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS), has extended vital assistance to nearly 500 affected households in the districts of Kasese and Bunyangabu.

Supported by the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations and in collaboration with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), URCS’s intervention reached 400 families in Kasese district and 97 families in Bunyangabu district,

Each household received a comprehensive relief package consisting of 2 blankets, 2 mats, 1 tarpaulin, a kitchen set (including saucepans, plates, cups, spoons, and forks), 2 jerry cans, 1 solar lamp with phone-charging capabilities, 2 bars of soap, 2 mosquito nets, and 1 bucket. Additionally, families were given a shelter kit equipped with essential tools such as a hoe, panga, spade, hammer, miner’s bar, hand saw, and nylon ropes to assist in reconstructing their homes.

Some of the beneficiaries at Nyakasanga Primary School, Kasese district after receiving the relief nonfood items from URCS with support from the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

This coordinated effort, undertaken alongside the Office of the Prime Minister and the Disaster Management Committees of both districts, provided essential non-food items and emergency shelters to the impacted families.

In Bunyangabu, the distribution took place at Bunaiga Primary School, where displaced families had sought refuge.

Here, URCS replaced makeshift shelters with prefabricated emergency structures to ensure dignified living conditions.

Similarly, in Kasese, distributions were held at Nyakasanga Primary School and Kigoro Primary School. These efforts were carried out with a focus on gender protection and inclusion, ensuring that the specific needs of all community members were addressed.

The emergency response operation was led by Frank Namara, URCS’s emergency response manager, with significant support from local officials including Bunyangabu District’s Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Joshua Masereka, Deputy RDC Bukhonzo Lt. Magwara Matte, and Kasese Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Kikuse Musitafa.

Masereka underscored the importance of utilizing the relief items to build resilience and cautioned against their misuse for non-essential purposes.

In Kasese, Deputy RDC Bukhonzo Lt. Magwara Matte expressed gratitude for the swift response and called for improvements in municipal drainage systems to prevent future disasters.

Namara highlighted the crucial role of early warning systems established by URCS, which encompass community radios, river gauges, flood flag posts, and designated evacuation routes and sites.

The Emergency Medical Responders attending to some of the people who were affected by floods at Nyakasanga primary School, Kasese District.

Despite these measures, he noted a recurring issue with residents disregarding warning messages, leading to preventable losses.

He reaffirmed URCS’s commitment to ongoing support for the affected families, extending beyond immediate disaster relief to include enhanced emergency medical services and healthcare access through the deployment of a disaster mobile clinic and a standby ambulance.

The implementation of early warning systems is a vital adaptive strategy in the face of climate change, offering communities the necessary information to prepare for and mitigate the impact of climate-related hazards.