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Hajj Mohamod Nankwanya: Uganda “Blood Making Machine”

In the quiet village of Ndeese, in Butambula district, lives a remarkable figure whose unselfishness has transcended generations.

At 86 years old, Hajj Mohamod Nankwanya stands as an inspiration of selflessness, his unwavering dedication to saving lives earning him the title of “The Blood Making Machine.”

Hajj Mohamod Nankwanya Uganda Blood Making Machine
Hajj Mohamod Nakwanya shows off his award he scooped from the URCS national council sitting 2024 as the most exceptional blood donor of all time.

Born to humble beginnings, Nankwanya’s journey is one of resilience and compassion. The eldest son of Khalifan Kalumba and Yoweria Nabbosa, he emerged as a guiding light within his expansive family, comprising over forty step siblings.

Despite only completing primary education, his life’s mission took root early on – to serve humanity in the most fundamental way possible. Nankwanya’s legacy as Uganda’s most exceptional blood donor is engraved in the accounts of history.

With a staggering 215 blood donations to his name, spanning over six decades, his impact on countless lives is immeasurable. At the National Council sitting of 2024, Mohamod was honored as the most exceptional blood donor of all time.

His journey as a donor began in 1959, a moment ignited by the plight of a mad woman in Bulo trading center, whose dire need for blood spurred Nankwanya into action.

Reflecting on his inaugural donation, Nankwanya recalls, “At that time, blood donation was primarily for family replacement. However, in her situation, there were no known relatives. So, I voluntarily offered to donate blood and save the life of the mad woman.”

This act of selflessness set the stage for a lifetime of giving, as he continued to donate without fail until 2019, when age became a barrier.

“My last donation was in 2019. In early 2020, before the world was ravaged by COVID-19, I went to donate at our sub county where Uganda Red Cross Society, in collaboration with Uganda Blood Transmission Services (UBTS), had staged a blood donation drive. Unfortunately, they told me I could not donate because of old age. By then, I was 82 years old,” he narrates.

Undeterred by physical limitations, Nankwanya shifted his focus towards mobilizing others to join the noble cause. His efforts bore fruit, with his three brothers and a network of 169 voluntary donors standing testament to his inspirational leadership. His three brothers, have made 20, 12, and 5 blood donations each respectively.

Through door-to-door outreach and community engagement, forming 5 donor clubs, he galvanized support for blood donation, leaving an indelible mark on Butambula district and beyond. These clubs include Bulo (65 donors), Nakiju (30 donors), Kyerima (18 donors), Ngeribalya (26 donors), and Ngando (30+).

Yet, Nankwanya’s advocacy extends beyond the act of donation itself. He is a staunch critic of the commercialization of blood, advocating for stricter measures to safeguard the integrity of voluntary donation. His unwavering commitment to principles underscores his belief in the sanctity of life, transcending familial bonds to embrace a broader sense of humanity.

URCS, in line with its auxiliary role, continues to collaborate closely with UBTS to ensure the annual collection of blood units equivalent to 1% of the country’s population.

This partnership extends beyond healthcare institutions to involve cultural entities such as the Buganda, Bunyoro Kitara, and Busoga kingdoms, as well as religious leaders, in efforts to engage and attract more voluntary blood donors like Nankwaya.

In recognition of his unparalleled contribution, Uganda’s Ministry of Health recently secured the bid to host the 11th Africa Society for Blood Transfusion Congress in March 2024.

This milestone event underscores the pivotal role of individuals like Nankwanya in advancing blood services across the continent, encapsulating the spirit of “Safe and Sustainable Blood Services in Africa.”

As Uganda prepares to host this prestigious gathering, the spotlight shines brightly on Hajj Mohamod Nankwanya – a true hero whose legacy of giving continues to inspire generations to come.