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Uganda Red Cross Society joins Partners to launch the first 2023 blood donation drive.

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Blood donor Recruitment Manager Uganda Red Cross Society Sara Mutegombwa
(Left) hands over a blood donation T shirt to Prince Jjunju after the launch

Uganda Red Cross Society in partnership with the Buganda Kingdom and the Uganda Blood Transfusion Services (UBTS), launched a blood donation drive in Kyadondo. The event aimed at ensuring that there’s a continued bridged blood gap in the country was at Bulange Mengo, the main administrative block of Buganda Kingdom.

The Chief Guest, Omulangira Crispin Jjunju who represented Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, called upon the public to donate blood. In his address, Jjunju highlighted that, “it is such a great honor to see the people of Buganda Kingdom donating blood in large numbers to save lives.” He further noted how the initiative will help reduce blood shortage in hospitals.

The Chairman Central Governing Board Uganda Red Cross Society, Dr. Khalid Kirundi, while addressing guests at Bulange, thanked the Kabaka of Buganda for being a blood champion who cares for the health of the people of Buganda and Uganda at large. He also thanked the religious leaders for being instrumental in mobilizing voluntary donors and for joining this noble cause. “Blood remains a major need for anyone to keep alive,” he noted.

Chairman Central Governing Board Uganda Red Cross Society addresing stake
holders during the launch at Bulange Gardens

The 1st Deputy prime (Katikkiro) of Buganda, Dr. Hajji. Twaha Kawase who represented his superior, thanked the stakeholders for responding to the Kabaka’s call to donate blood. Kawase further emphasized that regardless of religion, tribe, age or political affiliations, it’s everyone’s responsibility to fight blood shortage in the country. He thanked the Uganda Red Cross Society, Kabaka Foundation, Uganda Blood Transfusion Services, CBS FM, and BBS television for being at the forefront of mobilizing and collecting blood.

Other stakeholders that have joined the drive are religious leaders, taxi drivers, Boda boda riders among others. The 2021 Annual Crime and Traffic/Road Safety report indicated that 4,159 road accident fatalities countrywide were recorded. Of these 1,390 involved motorcycle riders while 528 were passengers on motorcycles. This translates to about four people dying from Boda Boda accidents daily.

The Boda Boda association, being the highest victims of road accidents through their leadership promised to mobilize their colleagues to donate blood that can be used by their colleagues in case of emergencies. They however cautioned Uganda Blood Transfusion Services against the sale of blood in hospitals which demoralizes them as donors. Previously, 3,000,000 people were reached with Blood donor recruitment information, 90,000 new blood donors joined, and 115,000 units were collected in 14 counties of Buganda. A great milestone was achieved in the history of Uganda.

This year 2023, the partners envisage raising 450,000 units of blood through strategic engagements and Partnerships as well as intensifying blood donor recruitment information in all parts of the country.

Omulangira Crispin Jjunju signs the Blood drive plaque during the launch
at Bulange gardens

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