Mapping Plays a vital Role in Disaster Response and Preparedness.

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An instructor guides a volunteer during the training

On 15th November 2019, the Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS), in partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), organized the open street map mapathon training. An open street map is part geographic information system that is used by many humanitarian agencies like Red Cross to create map data that, in case of a disaster, the data can be used to trace the affected communities.

Geographic information system GIS improves the allocation of resources for response. GIS technologies are much useful in modelling of disaster risks and human adaptations to hazards. Sar Amadi country manager Humanitarian Open Streetmap explains that "the point of this workshop is to connect dots between the volunteers who are supporting the work of URCS while managing disasters."

It should be remembered that earlier this year, Bududa district was hit by massive landslides that so many people lose their property and lives. On a similar note, recently, in October, Kasese district was also hit by landslides, so mapping helps to spot the affected areas which assist in disaster response and preparedness. Twaha Ayubu Kampala West branch manager noted that mapping is a great activity that not helps branch managers to mark disaster-prone areas but also helps volunteers practice humanitarian work."

An instructor guides a volunteer during the training

On a similar note, Doreen Asasira Vice-Chairperson Kampala West Branch noted the open street map training would help me teach other volunteers in my branch in helping us to mark those areas affected by floods. The street map workshop focused on the eastern and western regions of Uganda since it had got the most recent flooding. Over 60 volunteers from different URCS branches participated in the training David Luswata GIS consultant at URCS, and the chief organizer of the workshop urged volunteers to use the mapping skills attained so has to help in disaster management.

An instructor guides a volunteer during the training

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