UNICEF and URCS continue to collaborate on sensitizing communities on Ebola.


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UNICEF and URCS continue to collaborate on sensitizing communities on Ebola.

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The Ebola ViralDisease continues to remain a threat to Uganda due to the increasing numbers of cases and death in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo. With about 2,837 cases and over1898 deaths reported by13th August 2019, the epidemic has become one of the highest burdens within the neighboring country.


In August 2019, 1 case of Ebola was identified in Kasese at the border entry of Mpondwe. Tumwine Francis, the URCS focal person in Kasese branch explains that the victim was a child who came with her mother from the Democratic Republic of Congo through the Mpondweborder entry where URCS screening team identified them and immediately put them into the isolation unit. also added that, “our major work at the border is to recognize ill travelers, immediately isolate, notify and give pyscho-social support.

Therefore I thank my fellow volunteers for the quick response about that case”. On a similar note, KagwaMugaga from the Ministry of Health and coordinator of the Ebola Response Team in the Rwenzori region also thanked Uganda Red Cross Society team at the border for beingvigilant and taking quick and professional action with the confirmed case. Mugaga also promised a continued, smooth cooperation between the Ministry of Health and the Uganda Red Cross Society at the different points of entry.

Due to these cases, URCS, with funding from UNICEF, prioritized risk communication and social mobilization activities within the districts of Kasese , Bundibugyo,Kabarole, Rukungiri, Ntoroko, Bunyangabo, Kisoro and Kanungu to improve on the district competences to responsewhen an outbreak occurs. Uganda Red Cross Society continues to do the Point of Entry (POE) screening as a means to limit suspected cases from entering the country unnoticed.

Mandatory washing of hands at Mpondwe border point

Health promotion campaigns are also being done at the household level, promoting the awareness of the Ebola virus and symptoms of the disease.Personal hygiene is also being emphasized within the high-risk districts to galvanize efforts to increase awareness. “Social Mobilizations like drama groups that easily attract the communities to come together, have been put in place to help increase awareness and understanding of what the Ebola Viral disease (EVD) is about,” says Eric Ofwono, Operations Manager EVD Program URCS.

URCS team demonstrates safe and dignfied burial

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