Bulambuli Landslide Victims receive non-food items from URCS and Belgium Red Cross

Bulambuli Landslide Victims receive non-food items from URCS and Belgium Red Cross

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Receive relief from URCS and Belgian Red Cross..

On the 20thof August 2019, four parishes of Busiya, Bugatisa, BunasufwaBumasamala and Bulago in Bulambuli District were devasted by a heavy downpour. This downpour triggered a landslide that left one person dead, five with serious injuries and over 93 households displaced;and items like crops, houses and animals destroyed.

Immediately Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS) stepped in and carried out a ground assessment that revealed over 100 peopleaffected by the landslide. URCS then distributed non-food items like blankets, jerry cans, tap lines, tents, plates, soap and saucepans to help bring some relief to their immediate needs. While speaking to mudslide victims during delivery of items at Bulago sub-county head offices, James Wesswa; the Sironko and Bulambuli Red Cross Branch Manager,reiterated that the purpose of this donation from URCS was to help the victims to get shelter and afew items for daily use in their homes as they wait the Governmentto respond.

Sam Nabende, the LCII chairperson of Bunasufwa parish, who is also one of the affected mudslide victims, thanked URCS for always responding to disasters in the country. Nabende also explained that most of their crops like bananas, cassava, coffee, houses, and domestic animals were all washed away by the landslide. James Nagimesi, one of the affected residents from Busiya parish said that since the disaster, they had received rice from The Office of the Prime Minister.

Receive relief from URCS and Belgian Red Cross..

He added that each household had received onlytwo (2) kilograms of rice, which are not even enough to cover theseason until the next harvest. SilajiWamayi, the Bulambuli district LC5 Vice-chairperson says,“we as a district are grateful to always work with Uganda Red Cross Society in disaster preparedness”. Wamayi appealed to the Government under The Ministry of Disaster Prepredness, to expedite the process of relocating people living in disaster risk areas in Bulambuli district to Bunambutyenearby.

The Government resettlement plan is on-going.They resettledthe first phase of 100 families living in disaster risk areas in March this year from Manafwa, Bududa, and Sironko districts. Due to these adverse weather conditions, fears of an outbreak of diseases like cholera and other hygiene related diseases are rising. Innocent Wandabwa, the BulambuliDistrict Environmental Office, attributed the frequent occurrence of mudslides in Bugisu sub-region to poor farming methods like bush burning, deforestation, among others.

Receive relief from URCS and Belgian Red Cross..

Wandabwa added that the district would distribute over 1500 tree seedlings of different tree species in the next month. These tree seedlings would be given to people living in hilly sub-counties to plant so that they can help to improve on the environment and combat the adverse weather conditions.

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