World Blood Donor Day


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World Blood Donor Day

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A Red Cross Volunteer donating blood, living by example

Uganda Red Cross joins the rest of the world to commemorate the International Blood donor day which takes place every 14th day of June, every year. The theme this year is ‘Blood connects us all’.  World over, Blood is a unique component of human life and every living being has Red blood. This is the power of humanity and thus connects us all.

The WHO standards require countries to raise at least 1% of the Country’s total population to have sufficient blood that can sustain the blood needs of the country. In Uganda, the Uganda Red Cross in partnership with the Uganda Blood Transfusion Services through the Ministry of Health have the mandate of mobilizing Voluntary blood donors. The Uganda Blood transfusion services takes on the technical processes until safe blood is availed to hospitals to carry out blood transfusions. 

Uganda Red Cross employs the new Blood donor recruitment strategy 2020 which focusses on targeting Red Cross volunteers, members and staff who live by example. “This is like preaching to the converted. It is easier to mobilize internal people first who already know what our mission and vision requires of us and then the rest of the people can learn from us. This is how we manage to collect enough blood.” Said Sarah Mutegombwa, Blood donor recruitment manager, URCS.

Every year, Uganda needs 360,000 units of blood to cover the blood gap in the country. However, many people have not embraced the culture of donating blood which brings about a shortage especially during the peak seasons like Christmas when people go merry making, bringing about several emergency health issues that require a lot of blood.

“Annually, Uganda collects only about 240,000. We always have a gap of about 120,000. I encourage all Ugandans to always donate blood. It shouldn’t be once, twice but more times as long as they are eligible. Blood has shelf life. We keep asking for more when some goes stale.” Said Ms. Dorothy Kyeyune, the Director Uganda Blood Transfusion Services.

This year’s celebrations were held at the Nakasero Blood Bank in Kampala, Uganda.While recognizing regular blood donors, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health Ms. Diana Atwine appreciated all the partners who support the Ministry of Health in mobilizing blood.

“We appreciate all the voluntary blood donors and encourage you to continue supporting the ministry in this noble cause. Please keep donating and saving lives of the people that require blood transfusion.”


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