Rtd Bishop Tom Okello re-appointed President of Uganda Red Cross Society


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Rtd Bishop Tom Okello re-appointed President of Uganda Red Cross Society

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“It is with much joy that I happily accept to serve as President of Uganda Red Cross Society with God’s grace and with cooperation of the members of the National Council and the Central Governing Board”. Said Rtd Bishop Tom Okello upon being voted in office as President of the Uganda Red Cross Society for the second time. 

Following the National council meeting held on 2nd February 2017, members resolved that the position of President is maintained as part of the amended Uganda Red Cross Society Constitution. The Central Governing Board meeting at its sitting on 21st July 2017 approved the Nomination Guidelines for the position of President for Uganda Red Cross Society. These were circulated and shared with all branches to appreciate. 

On July 28th 2018, communication was sent out to all Branch Governing Board chairpersons through the respective branch offices, requesting them to consult and submit their nominated candidates for the position of President by September 2017. The period for receiving the nominated names was further extended to November 2017 to allow response from all Branches.

From the branch submissions, the favored candidate was the Rtd. Bishop Tom Okello who is also a Volunteer at Lira Branch and former Branch Governing Board Chairman.

The board sitting on Friday 19th January 2018, resolved that Bishop Tom Okello is consulted / informed to seek his consent and willingness to serve in the capacity of President. 

On 23rd January 2018, the office of the Secretary General sent out communication to the Rtd. Bishop Tom Okello seeking his willingness to serve in the capacity of president – Uganda Red Cross Society. The URCS legal instruments guiding the process and terms of reference for the role were referenced to guide his decision.

On January 29th 2018, Rtd. Bishop Tom Okello happily responded and accepted the nomination to serve as President of Uganda Red Cross Society with God’s grace and with cooperation of the members of the National Council and the Central Governing Board. 

The recent National Council Meeting which sat on 2nd February 2018, Bishop was inaugurated in office and starts his service with immediate effect.

Brief about Rtd. Bishop Tom E. Okello

Retired Bishop Tom Okello has dedicated over 18 years of his life, serving Uganda Red Cross in different capacities. He started his journey with the Red Cross in 1999 when he was elected Branch Governing Board Chairman, Lira branch up to 2008 when his term of office expired. He was appointed President – Uganda Red Cross and served from 2011 – 2016. During his time of service, he has demonstrated strong leadership skills, with a high sense of integrity and impartiality. 

As the chairman branch governing board, Bishop assumed office at the time of the LRA and managed the insurgency. These were difficult times but endured and sustained the branch.

The branch didn’t have an office then, but because of his hard work, the branch got an office and a ware house which they still use up to today. 

He is also passionate about the sustainability of branches. During his speech in the 2016 National Council meeting, he encouraged URCS management and board to work tirelessly to bring the branches to a level where they could sustain themselves. This justifies his love for branch growth and self-sustainability.

Through the thin and thick moments, the National Society has gone through since 2013, Bishop Tom remained a strong pillar and gave wise counsel, direction and above all, has seen the National Society to greater glory. During the 2013 crisis, he remained the sober voice and a stabilizing factor for the National Society. He presided over the situation, and created sanity amidst tough circumstances.

Being a religious leader, Bishop has demonstrated the true values of Jesus Christ and his love / commitment to the Church. “He is a good shepherd willing to die for the sheep”. He has used his faith to carry out such a tough assignment despite the challenging times. He devoted his life to serve Uganda Red Cross through the 18 years of his service.

In February 2017, Bishop Tom Okello received The Henry Dunant Award in recognition for his stout and dedicated heart of service to Humanity through the Uganda Red Cross Society. This is the most prestigious Award and the one of the best ways Uganda Red Cross could ever express gratitude towards such a leader of all seasons.

It is on that ground that today, the 2nd of February 2018, we present his name to the National Council for approval and confirmation.


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