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Meet Arjun Prasad-The 160+ times blood donor

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Arjun Prasad Mainali is a US citizen of Nepalese origin. On the 11th of Feb he flew into Uganda to take part in a blood donation drive organised by the Nepalese Association, Indian Association and Uganda Red Cross Society at Acacia mall in Kampala.

On this day Arjun donated for the 161st time. He encouraged everyone to follow suit by borrowing a leaf from his book. “I am so proud of my generosity and I urge people all over the world to do the same because every drop of blood saves a life”

In 2014 alone, Prasad donated blood plasma 14 times and this encouraged him to form the Blood Donors of America group, an association that has encouraged over 15,000 people to regularly donate blood in New York.


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