URCS responded tirelessly to injuries during the festive season

URCS responded tirelessly to injuries during the festive season

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The team coordinated by the Disaster Management arm of the Uganda Red Cross Society provided adequate standby response across Uganda with the aid of the URCS branches. The URCS standby team was part of the overall country Emergency Standby Team that involved the Office of the Prime Minister, Uganda Police, KCCA, Mulago hospital and other stake holders.

The standby operation involved all the 51 branches of URCS across the country. Each branch activated branch – level response teams to stay on standby for any occurrence while the Headquarter team supported the coordination and rapid response within the greater Kampala area (Kampala Branches, Luwero, Mityana, Wakiso and Masaka). The standby operation lasted four days 20th-5th/ Dec-Jan/ 2014-2015.

Overall, the team in Kampala responded to 33 incidents that involved 28 causalities whereby 18 referrals were made with 08 deaths registered during the season.

URCS Contacts

Plot 551/555 Rubaga Road.
P.O. Box 494, Kampala Uganda.
Tel:     (256) 414 258701
Tel:     (256) 414 258702
Email: sgurcs@redcrossug.org


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