Uganda Red Cross Society delivers drought-resistant seeds to Karamoja.

Thursday, 25 May 2023 07:46
Some of the beneficiaries show off their seeds after the distribution exercise at Lokopo Subcounty headquarters, Napak District

Over 500 house holds in Karamoja region have been supported with drought-resistant seeds.

The Uganda Red Cross Society distributed 6 tones of seeds through a partnership with the Bank of Uganda. This partnership aims to end food insecurity in the region.

The seeds which included maize, beans and sorghum were distributed to communities in Lokopo sub-county in Napak District and Nadunget sub-county in Moroto District. Each household was given 5 Kg of Maize, 5 kg of Beans, and 2 kg of sorghum.

Lokopo Sub-county Chief, Miriam Lochoro notes that; “Last year the Karamoja region had a big  challenge of insecurity and people didn't plant anything. We also faced a prolonged drought. We are happy to receive the drought-resistant seeds because they will help the affected households to meet their feeding needs”.

“I thank the Uganda Red Cross Society and the bank of Uganda for supporting our communities overcome food insecurity,”Lochoro adds. Some of the beneficiaries show off their seeds after the distribution exercise at Lokopo Subcounty headquarters, Napak District.  

While speaking to the participants, the Program Manager Food Security and Livelihood, at the Red Cross Society, Thomas Akol  said: "The distribution has been done basing on the most affected households. We focus on households which are female headed, the elderly but have support of youth that can do agriculture and also households that are child headed.”

“From the seeds we’ve provided an average household will be able to grow food on 1.5 acres of land. We thank the bank of Uganda for the support and we also thank the Government for which we’ve been coordinating with,” Akol adds.

About Karamoja.

In 2022, the region suffered widespread crop losses and harvest failure due to delayed rains resulting in hunger. The region has also registered incidences of insecurity and cattle raids by armed cattle rustlers leaving the affected households vulnerable.

Data from the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) shows Karamoja as one of the poorest regions in Uganda, with income poverty at 66% (having increased from 61% in 2017) and food poverty at 75% (having increased from 70% in 2017) (UBOS: UNHS 2019/20).

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