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The Business Preparedness Initiative is a scalable and adaptable suite of business preparedness tools and services, aimed at building the disaster resilience of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In Uganda, it is led by the Uganda Red Cross Society. Globally, it is led by the Global Disaster Preparedness Center in collaboration with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.


SMEs play a critical role in communities and in global markets as well, contribuiting to employment at home and to supply chains around the world. They are instrumental in restoring economic activity at a community level in the wake of disasters. Many small businesses are intuitively aware of the importance of being prepared for disasters, however studies have shown a vast majority do not actively plan ahead. This is due to a high financial cost and lack of actionable guidance. 

Core activities

In Uganda, the Business Preparedness Initiative will be implemented through three core activities:

  1. A Kampala Business Forum will be convened to launch the Business Preparedness Initiative. Key business leaders and business alliances will be invited to learn about Red Cross service offerings, strategize on implementation approaches, discuss the prevailing needs of the SME community in Uganda and volunteer as champions of disaster preparedness.
  2. A series of short workshops will be held in Kampala and Kasese for small business owners focused on business resilience and principles of crisis preparedness.
  3. Localization and promotion of the Atlas: Ready for Business mobile application, including incorporation of a pandemic preparedness module.

 Free Mobile App 

The Atlas Ready for Business is a free, interactive, mobile application that small business owners and managers can use to increase their level of preparedness for natural and man-made disasters. Integrating mobile gaming elements, this interactive tool will take users through a series of modules and tasks to develop or improve upon their disaster preparedness plan. This plan can be used to provide employees with the proper training needed to address disaster situations appropriately and effectively. 

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