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The Health Department priorities are based on the following National and International strategic development documents:

  • URCS Strategic plan 2016-2020
  • GoU Health sector strategic plan (2011 – 2015) and vision 2020
  • Millennium Development Goals 4, 5, 6 and 7 (child mortality, maternal health, HIV/Malaria, WASH).
  • IFRC commitment to prevention and control of SGBV and non communicable diseases under CBHFA strategy


  • To increase access to safe and adequate water supply, sanitation, hygiene and water catchment conservation practices in targeted areas.
  • To promote practice and improve access to reproductive health services among the vulnerable communities in targeted areas.
  • To reduce the spread and mitigate the impact of common diseases among the infected and affected individuals and communities in targeted areas.
  • To promote increased access to safe blood and blood products for emergency transfusion in Uganda.
  • To empower communities for preparedness, management and response to disease outbreaks and fatal injuries.


  • Red report (surveillance) for Strange diseases/illnesses and confirmations
  • Prepositioning of response tools and equipment.
  • Preparedness training of volunteers in communicable disease prevention and management.
  • Improving Blood donor care, motivation and retention
  • Increasing safe blood unit mobilized
  • Improving Blood donor education and awareness

1. Health Services

Community Health:

  • Common diseases (HIV, Malaria, TB) prevention
  • Maternal and child health (MCH) promotion
  • Adolescent Sexual Rep.Health
  • SGBV and Menstrual hygiene management

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)

  • Safe water sources
  • Sanitation and environment health
  • Public and personal hygiene

2. Social and Commercicial Services


Commercial First Aid and Ambulance services

  • Commercial First Aid and Ambulance Services
    • Offer quality commercial public life-saving trainings
    • Provide commercial public ambulance services
    • Provide affordable standard safety appliances, life saving equipment and information materials to the general public.
  • Community F/A, Road Safety and Epidemic control
    • Improving community First Aid/ road safety trainings and practices
    • Epidemic Control Trainings and deployments for emergency health disease outbreak response
    • Facilitating active case search and referral for disease outbreak controls in the affected communities
    • Mobilizing communities for epidemic outbreak control and prevention

Directorate Strategies:

  • Consolidate and sustain the existing partneships and bring on board new partners.
  • Build community resilience in all health related community challenges through community participation/involvement and capacity building
  • Marketing commercial FA services
  • Strengthen advocacy, implemetation and service delivery in line with URCS requirements (Objectives, Policies and guidelines)
  • Promote innovative ideas and evidence based social research


  • Germany Volunteers
  • Membership recruitment
  • Dissemination of Red Cross principles and International Humanitarian Law


  • Restoration Family Links Services
  • Integrated Community Capacity Building
  • Mt. Elgon Disaster Risk Reduction project
  • Emergency Response and Preparedness
  • Integrated Climate Change and Adaptation
  • Climate Change Adaptation Project in Apac and Katakwi
  • Reducing Community Risk and Strengthening Disaster Response Project
  • South Sudan Refugee Operation 

URCS Contacts

Plot 551/555 Rubaga Road.
P.O. Box 494, Kampala Uganda.
Tel:     (256) 414 258701
Tel:     (256) 414 258702
Email: sgurcs@redcrossug.org


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